• Planet Scuba – Mozambique

    Posted on November 5, 2015 by in Beach Lodges

    So, I recently ventured back to one of my favorite spots in Southern Mozambique – Ponta Do Ouro, and stayed at theeee absolutely amazing Planet Scuba! I was absolutely amazed at what a beautiful setup they have. The rooms are clean and spacious and all have air cons as well as automatic mozzie sprayers (Which I was super happy with seeing as I always get eaten alive by the little buggers!). On arrival, your car is unpacked by the staff, your cooler boxes unpacked into the fridges and you are completely free to go and chill next to one of their two sparkling pools, put your feet up and bask in the sunshine! They are on hand to help with the preparation and cooking of all your meals and clean up after you as you go – not to mention the fact that they are all super friendly!
    It is based in the center of town and is within walking distance to all the shops, restaurants and most importantly the beach! I would definitely recommend Planet Scuba to anyone and everyone traveling to Ponta Do Ouro! It’s a real winner!

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