Shoot Prep

How to prepare for a lodge shoot

My intention is to supply you with powerful signature images of your property – those magical images tell the full story. I will then work on details of the property as well as activities and wildlife. I will need access to all the experiences you offer, including the spa and dining. Much of the work will be done early morning and late evening – with interior being done midday.

The following tips are useful ahead of a photo shoot:

  • Develop a shot list for me indicating what you would like to showcase.
  • Make sure that there are enough rooms empty during my visit and ensure I have easy access to the living areas.
  • Try to gather some people to act as models, and possibly staff to help with moving things and styling. Where models are used, waivers must be signed.
  • Cut grass, clean swimming pools, clean windows, iron bed linen, straighten pictures and fix anything broken or not neat.
  • Get meals prepared that you want to photograph, and use beautiful plates, boards and trays to display it.

Terms and conditions of usage

Payment & Advances: A deposit of 50% percent of the total fee and 100% of the travel costs are payable to secure the booking. The balance will be due upon delivery of the hi res materials.

Cancellations: The client is responsible for taking out weather insurance. Please note that rainy weather does not stop the shoot – we can still get great material in all weather conditions. The photographer will charge for Cancellation as follows:
1 week from the shoot (100% of the total)
2 weeks (50% of the total)
3 weeks + (25% of the total)
Any other costs such as travel and accommodation are to be borne by the client.

The brief: It is the client’s responsibility to give the photographer a full written brief. Where details are missing the client undertakes to accept the photographer’s interpretation.

The assignment: The client is responsible for having a representative present at all times when the assignment is being executed to approve style and content. Where no representative is present or if no written comments are forthcoming for any reason, the client shall accept all decisions made by the photographer in relation to execution of the brief.

Props and access to rooms: Please make sure photographer has access to the rooms that need to be photographed during the above hours.

Activities: Please ensure that the photographer has access to a vehicle and also models if you wish to have images of people having fun. Suitable safari attire essential.

Delivery: Low-res material of images will be delivered via WeTransfer within 14 days of the shoot or by arrangement. The images will typically include a wide range of images including black and white, colour and composites. High res images will follow after the selection has been made.

Copyright: The client has usage of images for the production of brochures, advertisements and other promotional material. They may not be sold in any form. Publications requiring images for editorial purposes are to approach the photographer directly. Photographers usage of any images may not be withheld without good reason.

Electronic imaging and storage: Electronic manipulation of images may only take place for the purposes of the original brief.

First ownership: In accordance with section 21 (1)e of the SA copyright Act No 98 of 1978 as amended, the provisions of Section 21 (1) shall not apply to the work(s) to be made in terms hereof the photographer will be the author of the work and the owner of the copyright subsisting therein.

Usage:  A licence is granted to the client for Usage as specified in the brief.