• Anvil Bay – Mozambique

    Posted on November 9, 2015 by in Beach Lodges

    Situated on one of the most pristine and scenic bays along the wild untouched coastline of the Maputo Elephant Reserve in southern Mozambique – Anvil Bay has been created to provide guests with a special connection with the natural beauty and spirit of an unspoiled beach wilderness paradise. Located in the Peace Parks Foundation’s ecologically critical Lubombo transfrontier conservation area, Anvil Bay at Chemucane is the anchor project to create responsible tourism opportunities for impoverished communities.
    In such a rare, stunningly beautiful place building a traditional ‘lodge’ would be sacrilege. So Anvil Bay is best described as a luxury adventure eco-beach camp. Camp because there are no permanent buildings – canvas Bedouin style shelters make up the public areas – beach bar and grill, dining lounge, reception, library and spa. Knowing the wilderness and the special sense of place experienced here is being preserved is part of its enjoyment. The accommodation or eco-suites as they are called are nestled in the canopy of the coastal forest, just nine units, each with private beach access, they are a study in blending a small footprint, natural materials, local craftsmanship with luxurious finishings. You will find everything you could ever need in your suite from an outdoor shower hidden on the forested beach path to a private dining deck en-suite.
    A holiday should recharge our souls and absorbing nature while doing just exactly what we wish is the perfect way. For the active adventurer Anvil Bay is a Mecca for outdoor activities – beach, ocean, lake or bush. For the naturalist – explorer, endless forest trails panoramas and vistas even archaeological sites where pottery pieces found have been dated at between 600 and 900 years old.
    Whether you wish to experience the ocean on a marine tour, some of the finest snorkeling reefs, beach or forest walks, the light pollution free starscapes around a campfire on the beach or just relax and recover from a strenuous safari, Anvil Bay will provide an extraordinary experience like no other.

    What sets Anvil Bay apart?

    An 800 hectare concession area with 5 km of private exclusive beach for just 18 guests to enjoy. Located in the 100 000 hectare Maputo special reserve, home to southern Africa’s last coastal herd of more than 400 elephant, the park has been described as one of the most untouched coastal areas in Africa, its vast forest fringed savannas making it feel like Serengeti by the sea. An ongoing game restocking program has seen more 1000 animals bought in including wildebeest, giraffe, zebra and many antelope species.Placing of the eco-suites has been painstakingly planned for maximum privacy. Nestled in the forest canopy the beach remain totally private with only a few thatch roof lines visible. Exceptional cuisine to make your holiday memorable is big part of the experience and the Anvil Bay chefs take full advantage of the abundant seafood and produce from local communities to prepare meals that are a fusion of the finest Mozambican and local recipes and flavors.
    Located in a pristine wildness the resort embraces these ecologically sensitive principles – a small footprint, no permanent buildings, utilizing local natural materials harvested by local communities and a clean energy investment in a solar power system to power the resort. As a community owned enterprise developed by a trust established for the sole benefit of the local communities Anvil Bay is the ultimate responsible tourist destination.Tours to local fishing villages where guests can experience the local culture and take part in activities brings home how your holiday at Anvil Bay is helping uplift an impoverished Community in a very meaningful way.

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