• Antbear Lodge – Drakensberg KZN

    Posted on November 18, 2016 by in Guest Houses

    Antbear Lodge is a gorgeous place set close to Giant’s Castle in the Drakensberg. The lodge is an absolute treasure cove of the most incredible and artistic woodwork and stained glass windows everywhere you look! Not to mention the amazing landscapes surrounding the lodge and the warm, friendly hospitality from everyone that works there. The rooms are all individually decorated, (our favorite being ‘the cave’) and have fireplaces for those chilly Berg nights where snuggling down with a glass of sherry and listening to the crackling sounds of the burning logs is on the agenda.
    They have a beautiful restaurant with set meals, most of which is sourced on the working farm. From their homemade jams, cheeses, butter, warm bread, freshly laid eggs and fresh milk to name a few… This is a stunning lodge for both romantic getaways as well as families and there are plenty of activities in the surrounding areas to keep you busy for days on end!

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