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    Posted on February 13, 2020 by in Beach Lodges

    In my own personal opinion, anyone who is as addicted to travel as I am and who feels a constant sense of wanderlust knows that when searching for your next adventure, it is 100% of the time, the photos that convince you to book and go! I find that the places that have photographs with people in them definitely give me more of a sense of place and I am able to picture myself there enjoying my holiday and ticking things off my bucket list.
    They build pictures in my mind of the smells, the sights, the tastes of new foods, the adventure, the people, the wildlife, the unfamiliar architecture, the sounds of people laughing, the vision of sitting around a bonfire under a million stars in the middle of nowhere, seeing the sun melting into vast and unknown horizons, swimming in unforgettable oceans…The list goes on and on… It’s the excitement of it all that sells it for me!
    Here are photos that I have done of various places (both in Africa as well as overseas) that should spark your sense of wanderlust!